What’s the difference between Sound Travelling through Water vs. Air?

Most of you may know that sound is waves that can travel with the help of particles in between the air, water, and other material. It means that you can’t hear anything if there is no medium in between just as happen in a vacuum because there is no particle is available.

It simply shows that the speed of sound depends on particles in between. You may have seen that sound is too slower than lightning just as you can find with a rocket firecracker. However, we are talking about the difference between the speed of sound in air and water. There are so many people out there with the question does sound travel in water, If yes, then how fast it is.

How does it work?

The sound waveThe sound wave in air is quite similar to the sound wave in water but due to the higher density of water particles as compared to air, the speed varies. However, the question arrives regarding the fastest one. As the sound through water, even you can say that it travels through any particle so what’s the factor that controls the speed of it or where speed depends. The amplitude and intensity decrease as the sound travel to a long distance.

So, where sound travels faster?

Sound doesn’t exist as if there is no particle in between so it gains better speed as if there is normal density and the amplitude doesn’t decrease by any other source. The sound in water travel more distances easily and it can travel up to 800x distance than air. It means the speed in water is higher and better.

  • Sound speed depends upon the amplitude of wave and energy.
  • The reference intensity is playing the major role in speed.
  • Density and sound speed will make it travel more distance easily.

After measurement, we found that sound waves with the same altitude in the air as well as with water. The sound waves traveled faster in water and it is done for a long distance.

Few examples

You may have seen that when you are in swimming pool, every single thing thousand with higher altitude and you can hear the sound of every single thing. If you check out our example of sound traveling through air, the rocket firecracker is surely helpful in knowing.  It proves that sound travel on faster speed in water as compared to air. Hope, this example learn you the basics and trying out more experiments which can improve your knowledge for sure.