What Is Sound Therapy And How It Works?

There is sound therapy equipment which was introduced in 1903 on the distraction’s principle. A physical, Spaulding, who used a piano and matched the frequency of tinnitus in the patients and he keep on playing it on different frequency until it becomes inaudible to patients.

People with tinnitus often noticed the sound easily and they feel bothersome in the quiet environment. Even they were to able hear more sound in the night time which make them less intrusive. Now, this method is helpful in the treatment of numerous patients with the issue of hyperacusis, who are oversensitive to noise as well as it is also used among patients with tinnitus.

Working Method

There are lots of people who found that sound enrichment brings a physiological change. It helped them in sensitivity in the hearing parts of the brain. However, some found it as psychological distraction. So, it can provide the relaxation of mind with ease.

sound enrichmentIt means that the sound enrichment can work as self-help technique as well as for component of broader tinnitus. It can be delivered by hospital or clinic support. However, in a researched study, it proves that it is not playing the major role as the role played by counseling.

Types of Sound Therapy

There are numerous types of sound therapy and each one can be provided by various methods like –

  • The environment sounds from outdoors by keeping the window open
  • An MP3 download, CD or there is the radio to listen awesome sound easily
  • Various Smartphone apps are providing the sound therapy
  • There are bedside/table-top sound generator to provide it
  • Wearable sound generators are offering a great sound therapy

Many more benefits are offered by sound therapy and MP3 downloads and smartphone apps are really the best one to help in it.