Remembering Easter with WaterSongline Global Water Blessings and Story of Water and Universal Mother Osun Saving the World

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During this Easter period, for some reason I am thinking of the state of our  earth and waters.  How could I not think about all the things wrong and how we need a large dose of grace? Also it could be because it is WaterSongline’s Global Water Blessing today which hundreds of people all over the world will participate in.  As I think on all of these things I am drawn to contemplating a  very important West African sacred oracular story of the Water Mother, Osun saving the world, which my United Nations water debate piece “Ubuntu – Water Shows the Way” centered on.

So in this story the world is dying, the waters are virtually non existence and the world is on the verge of extinction because the male Gods had forgotten to live by the sacred laws of the Earth.  During this period every male expert in the world was consulted, even the male Gods, on what to do for our earth. However, when they could not find the answer, the male Gods went back to heaven and said, “God what do we do? what is the answer?” God said, “where is the woman that I sent to the world with you?”

Well, the male Gods were like, “you mean Osun? oh she is down on earth still.” God looked at the male Gods for a while and said, “it is in the woman I gave all the wisdom of the world to the woman. It is her you must ask for help”. Well the male Gods could not believe it. This was the woman they had been ignoring and treating as a servant all the time they lived on earth. They went back to earth and asked for Osun’s help. Osun was pregnant and she said, “if I have a boy, I will save the world.” Well, Osun gave birth to a boy, Esu Etura and the world was saved. After the baby was born the male Gods prayed and in the verses of their prayers they reinforced the fact that nothing can be accomplished without the Holy Mother Osun’s blessings.

The birth of the male baby Esu Etura is not a chauvinistic piece of the story. Instead, as he is the God who opens the way, challenges lies  and false perceptions. His birth talks about the birth of a new paradigm, which will save the world. We can see this story of the Mother Archetype giving birth to a baby boy whose birth marks a saving of the world in all major cultures. Why? because they are all connected stories, which flows back to the story of Isis giving birth to Horus of ancient Egypt. These stories represent the birth of a new paradigm, which in fact represents the royal pathway out of world suffering. Happy Easter. (pictures Christ from Czech republic). See more on this and article and other meanderings at  blog.

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