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Together we share kind loving words on our WaterSongline Facebook page,  through e-mails and more about water prayers and blessings. Here are some:

Maryska Azzena  _ Beautiful Blessing (Facebook)

Shalahnia Riversong_Arigato Dr. Emoto, may we honor you through our work with our Beloved Waters. (Facebook)

Lynn Smith_We are joining in from northern NSW .. Camping at the beach & singing, drumming, praying water. (Facebook)

Tracy Musgrove_Thank you ♡ (Facebook)

Charlotte Korbee_ere a new song was born in a spirit of connectedness and honoring (Facebook):
The Joy of the Waters 2x
The Joy of the Waters is Ours
Sung to river Vecht nr Dalfsen

Madeline Huntjens_wonderful to witness the awereness of water all around the world. Would be awesome to hear the song (Facebook).

 Brenda Salgado_We will be singing and in water ceremony with you, with a group of women at Cazadero, CA. we will be on retreat there together for the full moon, honoring the waters at Austin Creek in circle (Facebook)

Geri Fox_Thank you for all the work you do! (Facebook)

Sheri Smith_I love Osun ; She visits me in the Rio Grand River here in Colorado ( or rather is the Rio Grand River) Thank you for all you do

Tuyet Hang_THANK YOU WaterSongLine Council and All WaterSongLine group members. I will miss hearing all of your beautiful voices on Tuesdays. This is a love/water offering for Our Beloved Mother Tlecuauhtlacupeuh, Tonantzin, Guadalupana, many know her as Our Lady of Guadalupe or Virgen de Guadalupe. These roses are from an altar that a sister of mine created in honor of her, the roses were offered from many relatives from one altar and made their way over to this altar. Thank you Beloved Mother for blessing us with your unconditional love, compassion, your divine miracles. Thank you Yanaguana for Life. May we all remember each other and honor our relationship to one another through her sweet water of life. From the deepest well of my heart

Tuyet Hang_Pic










Please go to Contact Page to send your story in to us, we would love to hear it. Know your stories give others the courage to walk in a mindful sacred manner upon our earth and to revere water as life. Thank you for caring!

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