White Lions of South Africa Bring Message for New Dawn and from the Celestial Waters: Interview With Linda Tucker author of “Mystery of the White Lion Prophecies”

Picture credits and Copyright:  White Lion Protection Trust.

This is a case of the last being first. The White Lion  Prophecy interview WaterSongline did with Linda Tucker author of “Mystery of the White LIons” and Founder of the White Lion Protection Trust in South Africa was actually the  last interview of our 2012 prophecy round table discussions. However, it is the one that we have not posted  until now – the actual total beginning of the New Dawn which begin completely at the Spring Equinox. The White Lion Prophecy interview is about the First Times and why the White Lions represent the  protectors of the waters-wisdom and compassion of these times.

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WaterSongLine Round Table with Ann Rosencranz, Layne Redmond, Jeffrey Joseph, Yeye. Omileye and Chief Olu Derrick Lewis.

WaterSongline Round Table  December 2012 with Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa and Yeye. Omileye

WaterSongline Round Table Part II with Robin Youngblood, Yeye. Omileye and Chief Olu Derrick Lewis

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