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News Updates

December 2014

watersongline teachings.WaterSongline: Listening to Our Mother Waters: Pathway to Purification was held for seven weeks from November 4th-December 16th 2014. The teachings and sharings between all were very deep and the power of our Mother Waters shone through. We had the honor of having many of the Water Mothers, from around the world and the WaterSongline Council, present and many who love the waters. All the money from the teachings will go towards holding the WaterSongline Water Mother Council Spring Equinox Gathering. Deep gratitude to all who shared in the teachings. Click here for more teaching from the Water Mothers


May 2014

Ganga2The Mothers of Waters Council made of up to 16 members from various cultural lineages and continents, and whose collected waters from up to 20 sacred rivers helped to bless the launch of the UNICEF GIWA (Global Interfaith WASH Alliance) at the UN Headquarters – recently had a meeting where an urgent collective message came out from prophecies and visions received from the ancestral spirits of the ancient Ones and ancient Mothers of the Waters and Earth. The council say, “the earth is overheating through the endless wants and demands of mankind. Our Water prayers and ceremonies can help “cool” the earth down. The earth has forgotten the ancestors of world and our prayers to honor them too will help to calm their spirits down and as they calm the earth and waters calm. When we talk of ancestors we must remember that the ancestors are the ancient ancient Mothers of the Waters and Earth,, the ancient Gods of each lineage, the lineage ancestors of each culture, and all the Holy Ones who helped to give birth and oversea humanity. We must each realize the power of praying in circles now. That all circles are like the watering holes of Mother Earth’s WaterSongline lines.”

November 2013

CANW0769aWaterSongline’s Mothers of Water Council – From the United Nations to the Calling All Nations: of Water and Belonging Event

The WaterSongline Council have slowly but surely been joining their energies, intents and actions together. Read how their sacred waters have helped to launch the UNICEF Global Interfaith WASH Alliance and ignite the healing power of the Calling All Nations: A Celebration of Water and Belonging event Read More


August 2013

562743_634692919898795_1780196203_nFor October 12th Join This Important Event: First Annual Calling All Nations – “A Celebration of Water and Belonging”

Join Grandmother Agnes Baker-Pilgrim and Grandmother Mona Polacca
of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers
Turtle Women Rising Drummers
Jyoti, Ambassador of The Grandmothers Council
Chief Golden Light Eagle
Cynthia Daniels Pomo Opening Prayer
Northern River Bears Drummers
Along with many other Special Guests
On October 12th 11am to 3pm
Sonoma State University “Commencement Lawn”, Rohnert Park California
This day is a Call to all Nations of the four directions to come in celebration of our first relation “Water” and our belonging

For more information Visit Facebook Event Page. This Event is Organized by the Center of Sacred Studies

June 2013

June 2013 Venus Transit anniverary celebration went well. June 2012 was the big big celebration in which WaterSongline’s year of Lighting of the Lights Prayers kicked off.

The Watersongline’s Lighting of the Lights Ceremony was held for the whole of 2012 on auspicious dates of the year. We launched on the auspicious June 5th – 6th Venus Transit when the Super New Venus was birthed and called in the ending and beginning of a New Era. More than 50 ceremonies were held all over the world by thousands of people  from places as far and wide as USA, Canada, Caribbean, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden.  The dates for the ceremonies were  provided by astrologer Steven Nelson and some by Ann Rosencranz (one of the co-founders of WaterSongline and Program Director of Center of Sacred Studies).

We were surprised, awed and humbled by the continued enthusiasm that individuals showed towards holding the bowl of continual Lighting of the Light Ceremony prayers for the health of our Mother Waters, Earth and Humanity.

Click link below for List of many of Ceremonies held:

THANK YOU TO ALL_List of Lighting of the Lights Ceremony Holders and Locations_June 5th_6th


May 2013

Answer the Call to WaterSongline Igniting the Love Ceremony

WaterSongline invites you to once again join the call for prayer for our May 1st  Igniting the Love Ceremony. All you need is to pray for a  body of water (bowl, river, ocean etc.) and sacred fire (candle). Together we will continue to pray for the healing of our Mother Waters, Earth, Humanity knowing your heart felt prayers are connecting with hundreds of others.  WaterSongline Igniting the Love Ceremonies are held regularly at auspicious dates for this year. year.



APRIL 2013

Spiritual Leaders Ride on First Breath of Success from their International Spiritual Manifesto on Water

Keep on Signing the International Spiritual Manifesto. It will Change our Future

By WaterSongline April 2013

Hip Hip Hooray. We have all together made possible a first success to do with our international waterways after the UN Wings of Water Conference: The final version of the “Wake Up Call for Water Cooperation” that was drafted at the major UN international “Wings for Water” Multistakeholder Dialogue on Water conference. The paper calls for a “fundamental change in mindset” on how our waters are treated. Thanks to the spiritual input of the religious/spiritual leaders and the international support that has been solicited, this passage has been significantly improved. So big thanks to all who supported through sharing and signing the inter-religious input document for how our waters should be treated.

So what next? Well let’s first break down what this all really means. In March Spiritual Leaders, Heads of the UN, Heads of States, and concerned citizens all gathered at the UN Wings of Water Conference at the Hague Peace Palace. Why? To be part of the international dialogue on water that is taking place on the international stage. These talks are part of the UN’s next set of Development Goals after 2015 called the Post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals. Our Water is one of the major goals on the international agenda. Coming to an international consensus on how our waters etc. should be treated is quite a long drawn out process which involves lots of international talks. However, it is one where you do have a say.

So after the UN Wings of Water Conference organized, with great effort by the Jacob Soetendorp Institute, the major achievement was that the outcome paper: The Wake UP Call took into consideration the input of spiritual leaders, and concerned individual’s who called for us to change our global mindset on water. They went one step further and called for our Mother Waters as sacred gifts to humanity and not as a commodity.

So even though the UN Wake-Up Call Consultation paper (which Omileye, one of our co-founders, was on the International Review Team for) is a huge achievement because it takes into consideration this call for a fundamental change in mind. It is still only the first step, what is most important is that this shift in mindset and paradigm on water will be included into the new international target on water that is currently being formulated in a broad international dialogue led by the United Nations.

This is where we come in – Water Lovers of the World. Please continue to sign the International Inter-religious spiritual manifesto (which WaterSongline co-founders and the International Council of Indigenous Grandmothers helped to have an input into) on water and spread it in your networks so that this new international “sustainable development goal on water” will be based on the insight that water is a sacred gift and not a commercial commodity. One suggested activity is that you share this statement with the religious and spiritual communities you are in touch with and engage them in a dialogue on the sanctity of water, and then ask them to also focus on a water issue that is relevant in your community, such as water privatization, the environmental dangers of fracking, the Tar Sands in Canada, the Keystone XL Pipeline or large water development projects such as the planned Belo Monte Mega-Dam in the Amazon that has a devastating impact on local indigenous communities. May this statement be an empowerment to everyone who is working on a paradigm shift on water!

Sign and Share International Manifesto. Read Water Debates that are Helping to Shape our Water Future

Sign the International Spiritual Manifesto

Share the International Spiritual Manifesto With Friends etc

More information visit Jacob Soetendorp Institute

Visit Broker Consultation Water Debate which formed part of the UN Debate on Water. Click Here

Visit Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis Un Water Debate Contribution: Ubuntu-Water Shows the Way

Visit Grandmother Pauline Tagiore Un Water Debate Contribution: Water from an Indigenous Perspective

 Visit Micheal Slaby’s and Rabbi Soetendorp’s UN Water Debate Contribution: Aiming High



water can inspire even the youngest of us to care. Here was a 2012 news piece we wrote about  FIVE YEAR OLD, VALENTINe’s letter about fracking. What’s that? read on 

Fracking, just for us who don’t know is the process of drilling down and creating tiny explosions to shatter and crack hard shale rocks to release the gas inside. Water, sand and chemicals are injected into the rock at high pressure which allows the gas to flow out to the head of the well. The process is carried out vertically or, more commonly, by drilling horizontally to the rock layer. The process can create new pathways to release gas or can be used to extend existing channels.  Why is it potentially controversial? BBC Uk states in an article on the matter, “Much of the water used in Fracking is collected from the well and processed, but there are concerns that potentially carcinogenic chemicals can sometimes escape and find their way into drinking water sources. Some American householders also claim that shale gas leaking into their drinking supply causes tap water to ignite.” Read more BBC article


We thank Ann Rosencranz, Program Manager for the Center of Sacred Studies and one of the Co-Visioners of WaterSongline for sharing her niece’s letter with us.View  Valentina_5_Fracking Letter


We Give Thanks To Everyone’s Warm Response to  Mekong Prayer

After Omileye, one of the co-organizers of the WaterSongline had a dream of an Asian man asking for help from the global WaterSongline for a people called the Lao, whom she had never heard of. She did her research and found out that the Lao people did exist and the might Mekong river that serviced them and  millions of others from other nations  including them was being threatened by numerous dams. The Man in the dream even set the date for prayers September 12th 2012. Omileye felt as though she could not ignore this dream call. Together the organizers of the WaterSongline agreed to put out a call for the WaterSongline to pray for the Mekong Mother River, and her people. The response was phenomenal for the few days notice given.  We thank everyone who took part in this grand effort. For more info on Mekong River see International Rivers Organization











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