Water Mothers Council

Water Mothers Council

As a collective of global female spiritual leaders and women of prayer we passionately bring individuals together to honor and care-take our Mother Waters and Earth through sacred teachings and prayerful honoring for and at sacred water sights around the world. As we do so we keep in harmony with the overall mission of WaterSongline to weave individuals across the globe together in prayer for the healing of the earth, waters, and humanity.

More About Council Members

1. Ann Renee Rosencranz: Ordained Minister, Counselor, Woman of Prayer, M.A. in Philosophy and Religion – Through her life-long devotion to the Great Spirit, Ann has been guided by visions, dreams and miraculous encounters. In the last three decades she has been initiated into many traditions around the world. She sings and dances to celebrate the many faces of the divine, offering ceremonial ways of transmutation. As a devotee of the Mother Waters, Ann sits on the WaterSongline Mothers of the Water Council and is an instructor in the Center for Sacred Studies Ministerial Training Program cssministryofprayer.org.

2.Yeye Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis– Author of several planet and individual healing books, Osun priestess and fifth generation healer who has spent 7 years of her life traveling and holding water blessings at the sacred water sites. She has also spent several years researching the World Goddesses, Gods and ancient water cultures.   She is one of the founding  members of UNICEF GIWA (Global Interfaith WASH Alliance),  C0-Founder  of international Humanity4Water Awards, Co-Founder of YeyeOsun Institute of Sacred Balance, Co-Founder of WaterSongline.  She is also  an Ayurvedic Complementary Health Practitioner BS, currently a Counseling Masters Graduate Student at Winthrop University, and an instructor for the Center of Sacred Studies Ministerial Program.  Omileye was given the ancient West African title Crown of the Mother and title YeyeOsun. Her international water and earth healing work has been recognized by the UN. yeyeosun.com

3. Chief Remah Ogunbumni Joseh – Is the mother of Omileye, founder of Island Therapy and currently a student of Chinese Medicine at Middlesex University. IslandTherapy.com

4. Kazumi Ohishi –  is a Kaminchu Shaman from Okinawa, Japan. She is a trained Reiki, reflexologist and aromatherapist. She has prayed for world and water healing around the world for many years.

5. Mz. imani White – walks with the medicine of fire and has been making this journey with heartbeat of the drum for more than 25 years, during a time when the drum was not accessible to women. A student of Olatunji: who helped her answer this deep calling and leaving her with the task of continuing to invite the people of all nations to return to the drum. She tends to this inspiration and assignment by playing her part in initiating and supporting gatherings and events like SoulFire, SoulFire Inside, CoSM Full Moon Drum and Dance, Turtle Women Rising, and the New England Women’s Herbal Conference.

6. Cynthy Sterling –  is a woman of prayer and ceremony whose ancestors are from Europe and Native American background. She is also a  gifted artist  who grew up in a Quaker family. She has traveled and lived in various countries and spent many years in  Scotland were she introduced  Transcendental Meditation to the central highlands. Since  December 2013 after more travel I moved to Abundance Eco Village in Fairfield Iowa.  She is also currently  involved with the Naraya Cultural Preservation Council participating in ceremonies in the Pacific Northwest and Atlantic Northeast and recently in Tennessee, dancing an ancient Shoshone ceremony now called “The “Dance for all People”: This ancient Naraya Ceremony is a prayer for connecting with and honoring Mother Earth and for individual healing.

7 Dawn Ferguson – Biog coming

8. Akiko – Biog Coming

9. Nicoletta Argyropoulos – Bio Coming


Honoring Layne Redmond

Layne Redmond (deceased) – Was a member of WaterSongline Council and is now deceased. We honor her for all her beautiful work on this planet.  The February 2000 issue of DRUM! Magazine listed Layne Redmond as one of the 53 Heavyweight Drummers Who Made A Difference in the ’90s. She’s the only woman on this list which includes Tony Williams, Roy Haynes, Zakir Hussain, Elvin Jones and Micky Hart. She is also the author of “When the Women Were Drummers”. Layne Redmond was selected to sit on the Crowns of the Mother Council. Discover more about her at layneredmond.com